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Christian Education Ministry

The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to teach and provide experiences that will help develop God’s people with an understanding of, commitment to, and ability to practice Christian teachings.

The goal of this department is to accomplish its purposes through the provision of teaching and learning experiences on all levels that will help to equip believers to pursue knowledge of their faith for themselves.

Christian Education also helps the fellowship life of the church. As people learn together, share ideas and burdens, and discover new understandings, they grow together in the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

The Sunday School is departmentalized with teachers and appropriate curriculum for each department.

Sunday School Classes
Children Preschoolers - Ages: 3-4
Early Elementary - Grades: K & 1st
Elementary - Grades: 2nd & 3rd
Upper Elementary - Grades 4th & 5th
Middle School - Grades 6th - 8th
High School - Grades: 9th - 12th
Adult Males & Females Young Adults - 18-40
Median Adults - 41-64
Senior Adults - 65-up
New Members Class - Ages 18-up

Children’s Church is departmentalized for the purpose of teaching boys and girls the love of God on a level in which they can best understand it.

  • Preschoolers - Ages: 3-5

  • Primary I - Ages: 6-8

  • Primary II - Ages: 9-10

  • Intermediates - Ages: 11-12

    • The Christian Education Department consists of directors, teachers and superintendent. It should also consist of directors and presidents of other ministries of the church.

    • The members of this ministry meet the Monday after the first Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

The purpose of this ministry is to instill in the youth a love for the Bible, and respect for God and His truths, Jesus Christ, parents, family, church, school, community and country.

The goal of this ministry is to inspire youth to excel in their gifts and talents, academics areas, character development and services to others as they grow spiritually.

  • This ministry is open to boys and girls ages twelve (12) through seventeen (17) and should be member of this church.

  • The members of this ministry meet every Monday of the week at 7:00 p.m.

The purpose of the Membership Ministry is to welcome new members to the church and obtain information for the church’s roster.

The goal of this ministry is to assign new members to a deacon, preferably to the same deacons as other family members in the church. Information regarding baptism and the New Members Class will be shared with each new members.

  • This ministry is open to men, women, boys, and girls ages sixteen (16) and up to senior adulthood and must be a member of the church.

  • The members of this ministry meet quarterly or as necessary.

The purpose of the New Members Support Ministry is to develop a Christian relationship with new members.

The goal is to provide support and guidance for new members; to embrace them into the full fellowship of the church by providing awareness of the church’s upcoming events and keeping in constant contact with them up to six months after their membership.

  • This ministry is open to men, women, boys and girls ages sixteen (16) and up to senior adulthood, and must be members of the church.

  • The New Members Support Ministry members meet every other month (60 days) on Saturday at 12:00 p,m,

The purpose of the Scholarship Ministry is to make available to each graduating student an application to apply for the church’s scholarship.

The goal of this ministry is to see that each student gets his/her fair share of the scholarship monies by a fair assessment of each applicant. This is done by the members of the ministry who scrutinize the applications and set up a scheduled interview with each applicant.

  • This ministry is open to men and women ages 18 and up who are members of the church.

  • The members of this ministry begin meeting in the month of April of each year

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